The Hank Johnsons have been studying the Undine Diagram.

The UNDA has evolved since its first appearance at the Caribbean Sea.

Ring A​  Ring B

Ring C  Ring D

Ring E  Ring F

Ring G  Ring H

Mind sculptor and wise man banished serpent

मन मूर्तिकार और बुद्धिमान व्यक्ति ने नागिन को भगा दिया

Find music to bloom the lotus

कमल को खिलने के लिए संगीत खोजें

The passages are mysterious,

but provides a glimpse into ancient times.

After translated back to English,

we come across 5 sets of nouns,

The first 2 can be converted to alternative ENTITIES we know.

The 3rd, नागिन Serpent, could be referring to the Nagas.

The Johnsons speculate they are a form of the Undines.

The last 2 nouns should be interpreted literally.


1. shapers


2. nzeer


4. music


5. lotus