Each combination of tones extracted from the Tessellation builds a unique soundscape. These soundscapes are called the Resonance. They represent the aural past, present, and possible future of the multiverse.


Cybella, one of the first known Listeners, figured out how to discern the hidden secrets of these sounds, to see visions spanning many worlds, in the distant past and far future.

Present-day Listeners Enoch Dalby and Lucida are trying now to unlock their potential to do the same, to identify the Resonance that will create the best outcome for their nodes. With every permutation, new possibilities appear. They believe they will eventually arrive at a final notation that will put an end to the chaos. But who will get there first? Will you help them?


4. 13{b} = category of Tesserae

3. 00(tones) returns Origin.

0A(tones) returns?

6. divide with attribute { } .-

google{ }


7. divide with attribute { } .-/

What has to do with { }?

What did you {hear}?


1. { } signals the beginning

2. { } delimits

3. { } returns Origin.

4. 13{a}→13{b} → 13 paths

{b} = category of Tesserae

When in doubt, go to the start




5. { }{ }{ } merges paths to Death.

6. { }

7. { }

8. { }and reveal.