Updated Directives of the Tessellation

( by P.A. Chapeau 03/23/2020)


Truthseekers: P.A. Chapeau here. A lot of you have probably already seen this, but given the state of our world currently, the rules to the Tessellation have been updated to no longer require people to leave their homes to participate. As many of us find ourselves stuck at home, for the time being, I hope that more people join us on what is now a virtual hunt for Tesserae. To that end, I’m making this updated Directives. A lot of this will be redundant for you Tessellation veterans, but I figured this would be valuable to people just jumping on board. The Tethered Hand has reserved the right to update the Tessellation Rules or Scoring as needed, but this is the most up-to-date intel as of the time and date of this posting.




The 13 Niantic Project Researchers have spent most of the past year trapped inside an Anomalous Bubble, cut off from Earth. Meanwhile, their counterparts from a parallel dimension - who call themselves Nemesis - have been wreaking havoc on our world. And, throughout all of this, a mysterious figure called the Tethered Hand - who appears to be affiliated with neither side - has been running a competition called the Tessellation


The Tessellation is a global scavenger hunt, to find hexagonal media objects to fill a 203-hex Tessellation grid. Each piece is called a Tessera (Tesserae plural), and Factions earn points for being the first to discover a given Tessera, and if they can accurately predict where on the grid that Tessera goes. Each Tessera has intel attached to it, and that intel has been helping us learn more about Nemesis. And there’s also an as-yet-unannounced prize for the Faction that gets the most points.

Reach out to your factions to join right away. Read on if you'd like to explore some more by yourself!



If you’re still reading, it means you want the deep dive. At this point, we are aware that the Tessellation is a membrane around our universe, which directly impacts how Exotic Matter reaches and impacts our world. Within the Tessellation competition, the Tessellation is represented by a grid of 203 hexes. There is a unique hexagonal object that corresponds to each grid space, and these pieces are called Tesserae. The Tesserae are being made available, over time, by the Tethered Hand, and are retrievable as media objects within the Ingress Scanner.


We still don’t know who the Tethered Hand is, or what their ultimate goal is. But we do know that completing the Tessellation is a race against time between Nemesis and Enlightened and Resistance Agents on our world. More on that in the scoring section below. The NIA has promised a prize to the Faction that wins the Tessellation, but that prize has yet to be revealed.




I’ve created a subforum on the Ingress Community Forums called The Tessellation. This is where we’ll need you Agents to report that you’ve found a Tessera, and where eligible-Agents will be able to register a guess for where they think that Tessera should be placed on the Tessellation. Here’s how you go about doing this:


Historically, there have been three types of Tesserae drops: Live Drops, Global Media Drops, and Targeted Media Drops.

  1. LIVE DROPS - In the past, these required Agents to find a person in the real world at a specific place and time, who was in possession of a physical representation of a Tessera. Live-drop Tesserae have been suspended by the Tethered Hand for the time being, but I am told we can expect further information on how these drops will evolve soon.

  2. GLOBAL MEDIA DROPS - In the past, once these Tesserae were released, an Agent would receive it the first time they hacked any Portal, anywhere in the world. These kinds of Tesserae drops will continue, but as it is difficult for many people to hack a Portal from the confines of their home, these drops will now be made available via a limited number of single-use passcodes(1). The passcodes will be posted in the Tessellation sub-folder on the Ingress Community Forum, or in other locations, as yet unannounced.

  3. TARGETED MEDIA DROPS - In the past, once one of these Tesserae were released, Agents would have to determine which Portal it was tied to by solving a clue from the Tethered Hand, and then they would have to hack that specific Portal to receive the Tessera. These kinds of Tesserae drops will continue, but the manner of acquiring has changed to accommodate the current quarantine. Each of these Tesserae will be acquirable via a single, limited-redemption passcode, but with the following conditions. The Tethered Hand will still be releasing a clue to help Agents identify the Portal in question. After solving the clue, Agents should then use the Intel Map to locate that Portal. The passcode will be the name of the target Portal, as shown on the Intel Map, in all lowercase, with no spaces, and no special characters. (If a Portal is written in a non-Latin alphabet, special instructions will be included with the clue).


Because the rules require you to post on the forum, participation in the Tessellation requires that you sign up for the Ingress Community Forum.


NOTE: Do not edit your Discoverer post. An edited post will be considered disqualified. If you need to update your post because you made a mistake, instead post a new comment. If you do this, however, we will use the timestamp of your new post to evaluate whether or not you will be granted Discoverer status, not the original.




The Tethered Hand has released a representation of the Tessellation board, and the NIA has hosted it here at Visitors will not be able to move or place Tesserae on this website, but they will be able to see which Tesserae have already been placed and to access any intel associated with those pieces. 


The Tethered Hand has informed us that there is a pattern to where Tesserae are placed on the Tessellation Board, and enough Tesserae have been placed on the board at this point for that pattern to start becoming clear. Feel free to attempt to figure it out for yourself, or reach out to a more veteran Tessellation player from your Faction to get the current theories.

  • With each new batch, the Tethered Hand will tell me which Tesserae have been released. Then, I will create a separate forum post for each of these newly-released Tesserae in The Tessellation sub-thread on the Community Forums.

  • If you acquire a Tessera, please go to the corresponding thread on the forums and post the following information:

  • A picture of the Tessera that you found(2)

  • Your Faction(3)

  • For each Tessera thread, the NIA will identify the first three verified Enlightened posters, and the first three verified Resistance posters, which we refer to as Discoverers. These 6 Agents will have earned the right to make a single guess as to the placement of that Tessera.(4)

  • Once verified, the first three Discoverers from each Faction will be notified by the NIA. How long they have to make a placement prediction will be determined in the corresponding forum post for each Tessera. Each grid space on the Tessellation may only be guessed once per person per Tessera, so you’ll want to try to submit your placement prediction before members of your opposing faction can.(5)


Even though it is possible for there to be three placement predictions per Faction for each Tessera, we have found in practice that each Faction tends to only submit a single prediction. In the event that multiple predictions are admitted for the same faction, a vote will be held to determine which prediction will be submitted to the Tethered Hand. The voting rules are the same as those posted in the original Tessellation Directives in the Tessellation sub-folder of the Ingress Community Forum, so consult that post for details.




Moving forward, each Global Media Drop will be tied to one specific Targeted Media Drop which will happen shortly thereafter. It’s probably easiest to explain this by way of an example. For this example let’s say that Global Tessera A is tied to Targeted Tessera A.


Global Tessera A

  • A list of one-use passcodes will be released to Agents

  • Agents must rush to redeem these codes. If you try a code and receive the response “Passcode Fully Redeemed,” try another one from the list

  • Successful Redemption of one of these passcodes will earn you Global Tessera A, which can be located in your media inventory

  • Agents will have exactly 2 hours from the time Global Tessera A’s passcodes were released to post in the corresponding Discovery Thread in the Tessellation folder on the Community Forum.

  • Even though only the first three members from each Faction to post in the Discovery Thread will earn the designation Discoverer, there is a reason why it is valuable for as many people to post in that thread as possible; For details on that, see below.


Targeted Tessera A

  • A clue will be released to Agents about which Portal Targeted Tessera A corresponds to

  • Targeted Tessera A will have a default Prediction Window listed in its corresponding forum thread (this window can vary in length from one Tessera to the next). Within that designated time window, Agents will have to solve the clue, redeem the correct passcode, and post in the Discovery thread for Targeted Tessera A. Only Agents who make verified posts within the prediction window will be eligible to make a placement prediction. NOTE: This means that it’s possible for only one Faction, or neither Faction, to be eligible to make placement predictions for Targeted Tessera A, depending on who - if anyone - posts within the window.

  • The Prediction Window can be extended based on how many people made verified posts in the Global Tessera A Discovery thread. For every 100 verified posts in the Global Tessera A thread, 30 minutes will be added to the Prediction Window for Targeted Tessera A. Some of these clues require a significant amount of time to solve, so extending the prediction window as much as possible is strongly recommended. NOTE: Any individual Agent is only eligible to be credited for 1 verified post for any given Global Tessera, so Agents are not encouraged to redeem multiple passcodes from the passcode list themself.


Now, here’s a proper example:

  • The passcode for Global Tessera A is posted at 17:00 UTC on Mar. 17th.

  • The Tethered Hand gives us 2 hrs to post as many verified posts in the Global Tessera A Discovery thread as we can.

  • The clue for Targeted Tessera A is posted at 18:00 UTC.

  • By 19:00 UTC, The thread for Global Tessera A is closed. Collectively, the two Factions have made 345 verified posts in the Global Tessera A thread.

  • As a result, the prediction window for Targeted Tessera A is extended by 1.5 hours, to a total time of 2.5hrs. Agents will, therefore, have until 20:30 UTC to solve the clue for Targeted Tessera A and make posts in the corresponding Discovery thread.




Periodically, the Tethered Hand will transmit the results of the placement of the Tesserae from the most recent batch. Each of the three Factions will get exactly one guess as to the proper placement of each Tessera.


In each case, points will be awarded to the Faction that guessed the placement correctly. Now, here’s the good news: Ingress Agents get to guess first. The bad news is, Nemesis guesses are weighted more heavily because they get to choose last.


Here is the breakdown of scoring for each Tessera:


  • DISCOVERY: The first Discoverer in each Tessera forum thread will earn 1 point for their Faction, for being the first to find and report the piece.(6)

  • PLACEMENT: If the prediction of one of the Discoverers turns out to be correct, they will  earn 1 point for their Faction, for properly placing the Tessera.

  • NEMESIS: If neither the Resistance nor the Enlightened prediction is correct, Nemesis will have a chance to provide their own prediction. A correct prediction by Nemesis earns their Faction 2 points.(7)

  • HEADSTART: Nemesis began the Tessellation with a headstart, but now both Factions are leading them.




1  Passcodes can be redeemed within the Ingress app on Android devices, and on the Intel Map for iOS devices.

2  The NIA will verify if participating Agents actually downloaded the Tessera in question from a Portal. Only Agents who actually received the media drop from a Portal are eligible to potentially predict its location on the Tessellation.

3  The NIA will verify that the posters that claimed Discovery have accurately represented their own Faction. Posters who misrepresent their Faction will forfeit their chance to be designated a Discoverer.

4  Agents are encouraged to discuss with their Faction where a Tessera might go, but the Discoverers themselves have the final say when it comes to making the prediction.

5  In other words, it’s first come, first served. As soon as Discoverer has predicted A5, no other Discoverer may choose A5 for that particular Tessera.

6  To be eligible to become a Discoverer, an Agent must both acquire the Tessera from a Portal and post in the designated forum. In other words, the order in which Agents acquired the Tessera does not matter, only the order of the verified posters in the forum matters.

7  Nemesis predictions are weighted more heavily both because they get the opportunity to predict last, and because they are not eligible to earn a point for Tessera discovery.