Being trapped in Exile gives time for reflection.

Lightman found this polaroid in his personal effects.

Before the Recursion Coins could be used to transfer memories from one Simulacrum to the next, Lightman had only been able to leave himself notes.

This postcard had been one of those. Containing a message he received through the XM. He hadn't thought about it in years. He has access to all of his old memories now, but - like any memory - he had to see the postcard to trigger it.

He deciphered it at the time, but, like many old memories, the specifics of the solution have been lost to time. Could you help him? 

_____  ________________

(If you choose to use shortcuts, look out for red herrings.)



Lightmanはこのポラロイドを私物の中に見つけた。 リカージョン・コインを用いてシミュラクラの記憶を転送できる前まで彼は自分の記憶をメモを残すことしかできなかった。